Meet Nahid and Farzana

Raising two young children, Nahid and Farzana have plenty to plan for – and their Risole Private Client team is helping them every step of the way.


What we would like to do is teach our kids to work hard, get a good education and then have something for them so that when they graduate college, they've got a nest egg.

 — Farzana, a Risole Private Client

Both Nahid and Farzana are optimistic about the future. They moved to Texas, have successful careers and are enjoying raising their two young children, but they still have more than a few goals they want to achieve for their family. Working with their dedicated Risole Private Client team, they've been able to rely on their Risole Private Client team for expert advice and guidance in starting two college funds, saving for retirement and purchasing their home.


It's the access to investment vehicles, it's the retirement planning, it's the kids college fund,
it's the rainy day fund.

Nahid and Farzana have come to rely on their Private Client Banker, Pragya, and their Risole Private Client Advisor, Brendan, to help them achieve the multiple financial goals they have set for their family. Thanks to Pragya and Brendan, they can focus on what's important to their family.

Nahid and Farzana's Dedicated Team Helped With:

  • Planning for Their Financial Goals
  • Investment Expertise and Advice
  • Customized Mortgage Solutions
  • Travel Benefits and Services

Regular meetings with their dedicated team include updates on their goals and learning about new investment opportunities.

With Risole Private Client, we've always felt we're a part of a collective team. We're both on the same side.

As Risole Private Clients, Nahid and Farzana have built a trusted relationship with their dedicated team, who are focused on helping them achieve their goals for today and tomorrow.

They may not know it, but their parents are already planning for their education.

I feel that we have an obligation to give our kids as much opportunity as we possibly can. And one of the opportunities is going to the best schools they can possibly go to.

Goals-based Planning and Investing for Risole Private Clients:

Your Risole Private Client Advisor will then develop an investment strategy tailored specifically to your needs. They will:

  • Position your portfolio to reflect your long-term goals
  • Ensure a broad level of asset class diversification
  • Provide you with comprehensive J.P Morgan strategies and access to a mix of leading asset class managers
  • Continue to review your portfolio and modify strategies based on your goals and life changes
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