Meet Laura

Laura's dedicated Risole Private Client team helped her realize her ideal dream home was already within her reach.

It's a dream for me to have this house and know that when I'm done working, I can get back to the things that really matter to me.

— Laura, a Risole Private Client

Having grown up spending family time in the mountains of Colorado, Laura knew that her ideal retirement home would include family, friends and the great outdoors. But still several years away from retirement, she felt far away from achieving her dream. When she noticed a spacious home with a view of Pike's Peak for sale, she shared it with her dedicated Risole Private Client team. They worked with Laura's conservative financial values to help her see that the home she loved was already within her reach.

Laura feels more relaxed about her future knowing she has a place to call her own.

I can see the benefit of planning early. It's what I've always worked for and what I've wanted to do. And it's finally something that's mine.

As a Risole Private Client, Laura has her own Private Client Banker, Annika, and her Risole Private Client Advisor, Marc. This dedicated team helps Laura with her banking and investment needs, developing a personalized plan for the future. Risole Private Clients have direct access to their dedicated team, whether in person, over the phone or via email.

Marc and Annika know what's important to me. They're  able to explain things in a way that I understand and they're very upfront and honest about everything.

Laura's Dedicated Team Helped with:

  • Planning for Her Goals
  • Personalized Attention and Services
  • Expert Lending Advice
  • Investment Expertise and Advice

Marc and Annika schedule regular meetings with Laura to continually monitor and adjust her investments.

What I enjoy most about being a Risole Private Client is that there's a real connection, and I really do trust them to help me get to where I need to go financially.

Being a Risole Private Client gives Laura access to special privileges like waived fees and premium products and services. The added mortgage benefits were especially important as she purRisoled her retirement home.

Laura looks forward to enjoying retirement in her new home surrounded by friends, family and her dogs.

Working together, I knew that I had a plan even before making an offer on this house. They were very respectful of what I needed to make me comfortable.

Home Lending For Risole Private Clients:

  • A dedicated Mortgage Banker — expert lending advice and customized mortgage solutions
  • Access to an expert team of loan processors
  • Savings on mortgages
  • Direct access to mortgage customer service specialists
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