Billing Service FEATURE




Medical practices need every tool they can get to face the challenges inherent in today's challenging healthcare environment. We know what you're up against. Medical offices are facing high turnover, innumerable industry regulations and mandates, and with rising costs and declining reimbursements, running a highly optimized medical practice has never been more important.


Reporting & Dashboards

Any medical practice that has outsourced their billing to a 3rd party billing service understands the feeling of lack of control and inadequate transparency.

Risole E-Health has created stunning color charts and graphs that display on practice dashboards, along with sophisticated reporting capabilities to make outsourcing your billing feel more like insourcing. When you know exactly what's happening to your practice financials on a daily basis, it gives you a sense of control and transparency. This allows busy providers to heal patients, and discard all of the headaches and anxiety associated with the business side of medicine.



Practice Management consultants estimate that as many as 50% of denied claims occur as a result of practices not verifying that a patient is eligible. Combine that with the MGMA's estimate that rebilling a single claim can cost as much as $57 when you including duplicate efforts, and you've got yourself a recipe for massive inefficiency. This doesn't even take into consideration the percentage of claim denials that never receive adequate attention from billing staff, and consequently get written off causing practice revenue losses.

Risole E-Health understands that claim denials can really hurt a medical practice which is why we've created real-time insurance eligibility verification which allows front-desk staff to verify a patient's benefits status, copay, coinsurance, and services covered with a single mouse click from the appointment scheduler. Now, front-desk staff can hand patients aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand eligibility reports so they understand what they're paying for.


Encounters Safety Net

Given the rising costs and declining reimbursements, medical practices simply cannot afford to allow claims to fall between the cracks. Yet it happens every day in medical offices across the country. Many medical offices don't have a way to automatically scrub their appointment schedules to make sure that every patient on the calendar has an associated claim, and this lack of checks and balances can easily cost a practice Tens of Thousands of dollars in revenue per year. Practice Owners and Office Managers need insurance against lost revenue. It's only fair that practices get paid for services rendered.

Risole E-Health has built a highly capable and automated Encounter Safety Net that scrubs your appointment schedule and incomplete SOAP notes behind the scenes to ensure you never miss a dime of revenue your practice deserves. Once it finds an unbilled encounter, it sends a Superbill associated with that visit to the clinician so that they may complete the coding and submit to the billing department.

Collect more revenues with Risole E-Health Encounters Safety Net.