Patient Timeline

Save time and improve health outcomes by reviewing a patient's medications and associated contraindications, problems, allergies, vitals, medications, notes, immunizations, lab and order results. All with secure eCommunication with the patient or staff, eDocuments, or patient data from Health Information Exchanges.

Vitals Analysis

By displaying data in a stunning, interactive clinical graph, you can accelerate quality outcomes by visualizing the relationship between blood pressure, metabolic panel values, prescriptions, BMI, height, weight and more.


Encounters Safety Net

You and your staff work too hard to leave revenue on the table due to inadequate checks and balances. With Risole E-Health Missing Claims Safety Net, the system will send you a superbill for completion each time an appointment is left unbilled.
Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you'll never leave unbilled encounter revenues on the table again!

Chart Notes

You’re the clinician and you underwent approximately 25,000 hours of hands-on clinical training, so we don't think it would be advisable to force you to adhere to our workflows. When it comes to documenting patient encounters, Risole E-Health lets you run Your Practice, Your Way.

Choose from thousands of Gold Standard exam templates from nearly every medical specialty, or work with Risole E-Health certified experts to completely build customized templates from scratch. You can even use advanced template actions to print patient education at checkout, push CPTs and ICD9s/10s to superbills, or send secure emails to patients when template check boxes have certain values. Use the convenient copy forward feature to copy the template from a previous visit as a base for the current day's visit.