Mobile Charge Capture

You're a busy clinician. We realize when you're doing rounds, you just want to focus on patient care, not worrying about capturing charges. We've heard stories about providers actually capturing charges on napkins, so we know there's a need for a better way. Forgetting to submit your rounding Superbills to your billing department can cause you to personally lose tens of thousands of dollars for services rendered.

Risole E-Health iPhone app lets you capture charges remotely with a couple of simple finger swipes, and then submit the charges to your billing department for claim submission.


iPhone Encounters Safety Net

Owning your own practice doesn't need to lead to work/life burnout. Are you in a hurry to get home for pizza night with your family, but don't want to lose money on unbilled encounters? No need to bring home a stack of half completed charts. Instead, grab your iPhone and finish charting from the comfort of your couch while spending quality time with your family.

Risole E-Health will conveniently place any unbilled appointments, or partially charted SOAP notes in your Secure Communications Inbox for completion at a later time. Make sure you never miss a dime of revenue for services rendered.


iPhone E-Prescriptions 

Surveys consistently indicate that what healthcare providers care most about is delivering a high quality of patient care. As a busy clinician, we realize you receive calls after hours which sometimes require an immediate refill that can't wait until the morning.

Risole E-Health iPhone app will let you quickly and easily prescribe medications electronically from anywhere with cell service. Having the power to e-prescribe from your iPhone adds convenience to your day to be certain, but more importantly, it allows you to deliver an optimized quality of care that's impossible without mobility.


iPhone Patient Charts

You're a busy doctor, and have a patient population of 3,000 patients that come and go from your practice.  While they may expect you to always remember who they are, it's not always realistic.  What's a busy doctor to do?

Risole E-Health iPhone application takes the guess work out of serving patients after hours.  Now, when you receive a call on your iPhone after hours, you can politely ask the patient to hold for a moment while you pull their chart summary; reviewing vitals, problems, medications, allergies and more. Risole E-Health is here to provide a technology platform for enhanced care - the way you want to practice.