Recommended Hardware & Technical Specifications

The following technology will enable your medical group to experience all the advantages of Risole E-Health convenient Web-based platform.

Risole E-Health is a centrally hosted, web-based application that does not require additional hardware, operating systems, database management systems (DBMS), drug information databases, clinical practice guidelines, backup utilities, or third-party software applications, etc.

To experience all the advantages of Risole E-Health, the following technical requirements must be met prior to completing implementation. Clients are responsible for adhering to Risole E-Health technical requirements.

High Speed Internet Connection Recommendations

PCs will need to access the Internet directly or through a local area network. Most business broadband accounts can service these needs very inexpensively; typical connection types include DSL, Cable, Fiber, Wireless, or T1 lines.

The table below provides the required ISP bandwidth recommendations. Please note that these numbers are estimates based upon average product usage. Extensive use of scanning documents may require higher bandwidth speeds. In most situations you will want to have the middle or highest Business Class Internet plan from your ISP.

Clients are responsible for troubleshooting network issues (latency, packet loss, etc.) outside of Risole E-Health firewall. If there is additional Internet traffic in the office, you may wish to use higher speeds.